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The state of Georgia does not require biological and adoptive parents to go through an agency to undergo the adoption process. If you want to adopt a child and know someone who is surrendering their parental rights, you can complete the process by mutual agreement.

At the Atlanta, Georgia, law office of Jody A. Miller, our family law attorneys represent clients who wish to adopt a child when they know that the child is available for adoption and the biological parents have agreed to the process. We draft and procure the surrender of parental rights documents; obtain any information regarding your home life, finances, criminal background checks, and any other required information (which might vary according to the judge assigned to the case); and file the paperwork with the court. We understand that adopting a child is an emotional time, which is why we work to make the process as seamless as possible.

Effectively Handling All Types Of Adoptions

An uncontested adoption occurs anytime two parties mutually agree to the adoption of a child with no legal dispute. These adoptions commonly include:

  • Family adoptions: A relative, such as a grandparent or aunt and uncle, may choose to adopt a child.
  • Stepparent adoption: When a parent remarries, the stepparent may choose to legally adopt the child if the other parent agrees to terminate their parental rights and it is in the best interest of the child.
  • Private adoptions: Do you know someone who is giving her baby up for adoption? If she and the baby’s father agree to surrender their parental rights to you, we can guide you through the adoption process with little or no difficulty.

The uncontested adoption process is fairly simple, and primarily requires filing the necessary paperwork. However, there are circumstances that may inhibit the finalization. Some judges and counties require a home visit and ask to review the adoptive parents’ finances to ensure the child is going to a stable and safe home. If the child has Native American nationality, there are other legal issues that need to be addressed before the adoption can be completed. Our firm is experienced in handling uncontested adoptions, and can effectively meet the challenges of these cases.

What Is Contested Adoption?

Unlike an uncontested adoption, where all parties agree to the adoption of a child, a contested adoption means one parent does not want the adoption to take place.

Common circumstances involve the birth mother wanting to give the baby up for adoption over the objection of the birth father, and contested stepparent adoptions. If you find yourself in this position, especially as the father, we have the experience to represent your best interests.

Finalizing The Adoption

As in any adoption, uncontested adoptions need to be finalized through the family courts. We ensure all necessary paperwork is signed and filed in a timely manner. During the adoption hearing, if the judge has no reason to believe the child should not be legally in your care, the adoption will be finalized.

At the law office of Jody A. Miller, located in Atlanta, Georgia, we represent adoptive parents in uncontested adoptions. Email us for answers to your questions about the process.