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Guiding Military Families Through Divorce

At the law office of Jody A. Miller, we have helped guide military families through the divorce process since 1992. Military divorces can be especially challenging because one partner often resides in a separate state or country, which adds another layer to the already complex divorce process.

Our Atlanta military divorce lawyer understands that divorce is an emotional and difficult process. Our firm works hard to remove the stress and worries our clients face as they finalize their dissolution. We carefully listen to each client’s unique situation and focus on his or her goals throughout the entire case.

Legal Issues In Military Divorce

Much like other couples, military families must address issues during their divorce such as division of marital property, alimony, child support and child custody, as well as child visitation rights. There are, however, additional elements that must be considered when a military couple decides to end their marriage.

For example, if both the husband and wife reside in Georgia, then a couple can usually proceed through the traditional Georgia divorce process. Most military couples, however, have one partner who resides outside of state lines. This raises questions about where a couple should file their divorce documents and what court has jurisdiction over the proceedings.

Military personnel might have the option of delaying the proceedings under the Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act. This Act allows active duty spouses to petition the court and ask for a postponement until they return and are able to participate in person.

Additionally, military retirement funds are considered marital property and are subject to division by the court. These funds are handled differently depending on the length of the marriage and the amount of time the military spouse has served. We will discuss how these funds will be handled after carefully analyzing your particular situation.

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With more than 25 years of experience, we are able to explain each aspect of a couple’s military divorce in a way that is easy to understand. This gives our clients the ability to make well-informed, beneficial decisions about their future and positions them for a successful life post-divorce.

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