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Attorney Jody A. Miller believes the most effective legal solutions are often found outside the courtroom. When parents are involved in high-conflict disputes regarding child custody, parent coordinators can provide an effective and efficient method to assist parents in reaching custody and visitation arrangements that both parties can agree to.

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At the law office of Jody A. Miller, we encourage our clients to use a collaborative approach to resolving their legal disputes. By facilitating open conversations, negotiations and settlement, we are often able to help clients reach amicable agreements that make the time and costs of trial unnecessary.

Attorney Jody Miller is a certified parent coordinator. When clients are engaged in high-conflict divorce or disputes regarding child custody, Ms. Miller provides them with her parent coordinator services to help them create mutually beneficial parenting plans that serve the best interests of the children involved.

The goals of a parent coordinator are to assess and educate parents on the emotional impact that parental disputes have on minor children and work to mediate parental disputes and create detailed cooperative parenting plans that safeguard the children’s emotional and physical needs. Parent coordinators also monitor family progress to ensure that both parents are acting in accordance with court orders.

A parent coordinator can be chosen by the parents or appointed by the court to work with both parents to overcome conflicts, establish parenting plans that both parties can agree to and learn how to co-parent.

Helping Clients Create Working Co-Parenting Relationships

Parent coordinators offer many benefits to high-conflict parents. In addition to avoiding timely and costly litigation, parents learn how to work through their disputes in a constructive manner and work toward developing parenting relationships that work.

The parent coordinator’s responsibilities include assessing the current familial situation and educating parents about the impact their conflicts have on their minor children, providing parents with anger management resources, and teaching parents the communication and negotiation strategies they need to help resolve conflicts calmly and effectively. Parent coordinators also monitor the family’s progress, mediate any issues that arise, and intervene as a case manager when necessary.

Learn More About The Value Of A Parent Coordinator

While parent coordinators do not make custody recommendations to the court, they do provide a report to the court that includes information about each parent’s behavior during sessions and the needs of the children involved. Judges will then use this information when making custody determinations. If you are involved in a high-conflict divorce or custody dispute, using a parent coordinator can help. Contact Atlanta family law and divorce lawyer Jody Miller at 678-905-7562 or toll free at 866-319-0924.