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As a seasoned family law attorney, Jody Miller has extensive experience working in the juvenile court system. For more than 25 years, the Atlanta law office of Jody A. Miller has been helping clients throughout north Georgia navigate the state’s juvenile court system.

If you become involved in a dependency case or your child is facing juvenile delinquency charges, we can help. Contact us at our Atlanta, Georgia, office to set up an appointment with an experienced family law lawyer.

North Georgia Child Dependency Lawyer

If it is alleged that your children have become dependent, you are facing a serious allegation. Parents of children who are found to be dependent are at risk of having them removed from their care and possibly even having their parental rights terminated.

In Georgia, parents are considered the natural guardian of children under the age of 18. However, if parents abuse or neglect their children, the children can be adjudicated dependent and a new guardian may be appointed to care for them; in the most severe cases, parental rights can be terminated.

Child dependency includes physical, emotional or sexual abuse; lack of supervision; unclean living conditions; lack of medical care; inadequate food; and certain forms of corporal punishment. In addition, a child may be determined to be dependent if a parent has abandoned that child, failed to pay court-ordered child support, not established and maintained a bona fide relationship with the child, or has a mental or physical impairment that makes the parent unable to provide adequate care.

At the law office of Jody A. Miller, we help parents dispute claims of child deprivation and neglect in juvenile court, reunite with their children and keep their parental rights.

Juvenile Law And Delinquency Attorney Helping Minors Throughout North Georgia

One mistake made as a juvenile should not shadow you for a lifetime. In Georgia, when people under the age of 18 are accused of a crime, except in a few rare situations, their cases are heard in juvenile court.

For more than 25 years, attorney Jody Miller has been providing compassionate and zealous representation to her minor clients in juvenile delinquency hearings. We handle a wide variety of juvenile crimes, including drug possession, theft, drunk driving, speeding, property destruction, minor consumption or possession of alcohol and assault.

Working together with our clients and their parents, we strive to have hearings heard in juvenile court and prevent our clients from obtaining a permanent criminal record.

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