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Preserving Privacy: Using Alternative Paths To Divorce

Based in Atlanta, the law office of attorney Jody A. Miller has been helping clients throughout north Georgia protect their privacy during the divorce process for more than 25 years. By using alternative forms of dispute resolution, we are able to move our clients through divorce in an efficient and effective manner, while preserving the privacy of their families.

Alternative methods of dispute resolution are becoming increasingly popular. Not only do they save clients time and money, but they also help families preserve their privacy during the divorce process.

At the law office of Jody A. Miller, we help clients avoid the public scrutiny and invasion of privacy caused by a divorce proceeding by using alternative, collaborative methods of dispute resolution, such as mediation, that keep their divorces out of court.

As an experienced family law attorney, when appropriate, I encourage clients to engage in open conversation with their spouses in an attempt to reach mutually beneficial divorce agreements to avoid the time and cost of a trial. I also represent clients throughout the mediation and negotiation process to help them achieve settlements that protect their interests and preserve their privacy.

Sealing Records To Preserve Privacy

In Georgia, divorce proceedings, like all courtroom proceedings, are public matters. Unless the court agrees to seal the record, your divorce will be public record and available for anyone to read.

At the law office of Jody A. Miller, we encourage clients to take advantage of alternative forms of dispute resolution. However, if litigation is necessary to protect our clients’ interests, we can request that the court seal our clients’ records.

In Georgia, courts will seal public court records only upon a showing that the harm resulting to the privacy of one of the parties outweighs the public interest in access to court records. The courts also may seal divorce records to protect proprietary business information or other private or personal information that should not be public record.

Protect Your Family’s Privacy

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