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Collaborative law is an alternative to traditional divorce. Through this process, couples work together with the support of experienced professionals to settle their divorce out of court in a manner that is best for their family, minimizing a divorce’s cost and time.

At the Atlanta, Georgia, law practice of Jody A. Miller, we recognize the importance of collaborative law and recommend it as an alternative method for clients whose cases may benefit from the process. We understand that each client’s situation is different and some couples need a family court judge to settle disputes.

The Collaborative Law Process

Collaborative law is an innovative approach to resolving a divorce in a cooperative and nonlitigious environment. All parties agree at the onset to avoid litigation and fully disclose all assets, liabilities and other relevant information. During the process, the couple works with a team of professionals to resolve divorce-related issues.

The primary players include:

  • The spouses
  • Divorce coaches
  • Neutral child specialists
  • Financial neutral planners

Each party plays an imperative role in collaborative practice.

While collaborative law attempts to reduce the participation of lawyers in the actual negotiation process, they still play an important role in the overall process. They deal with emergency custody issues and financial issues, and are available to answer legal questions throughout the process.

After the collaborative law process is complete, we will review and draft the settlement and divorce agreement. We will then present it before a family court judge for approval.

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At the law practice of Jody A. Miller, we focus on resolving divorces in an amicable manner. Collaborative law is an important area of our practice. Contact us to schedule an appointment to learn more.