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Illegal immigrant status forces individuals to live in the shadows, away from mainstream America. When children are brought into the country illegally, many have no hope of obtaining legal U.S. status. The Atlanta law office of Jody A. Miller helps immigrant children begin the process of becoming legal U.S. residents.

Assisting With Juvenile Immigration

The federal government recognizes that juvenile immigrants are especially vulnerable. A child has no control over whether his or her passage to the United States is accomplished legally. Sometimes parents living in another country send a child to live with relatives in the United States in an effort to provide a better life for the child.

The United States has federal laws for granting Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS) to minor children from other countries. If children qualify for SIJS, they may be able to obtain lawful long-term permanent residence status and apply for U.S. citizenship in the future. As an experienced juvenile law attorney, Jody Miller works with immigration lawyers to help immigrant minor children attain SIJS status.

Qualifying For Special Immigrant Juvenile Status

To qualify for SIJS, a juvenile court must have adjudicated the child dependent. The circumstances also must indicate that it is not in the child’s best interests to be returned to his or her home country.

By assisting in dependency actions and helping the petitioner in juvenile court obtain temporary custody of the minor, the law office of Jody A. Miller helps immigrant children take the first step toward achieving legal status.

If immigrant children have family members or friends who are legal U.S. residents or citizens, those adults may petition the court to become guardians of the minor child. Lawyer Jody Miller helps responsible adults step in and become guardians of minor children. As a guardian, adults provide minor children with the care and support every child deserves.

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