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Paternity Actions And Petitions To Legitimate

Questions about the paternity of a child may arise in cases initiated by a mother or a father. A mother can file a paternity action against an alleged father to force him to pay child support. A father can file a petition to legitimate a child to establish his legal relationship with the child.

At the law office of Jody A. Miller in Atlanta, Georgia, we represent clients in bringing and defending legitimation and paternity claims. If you are involved in a paternity or legitimation dispute, contact us to schedule an appointment with an experienced family law attorney.

Georgia Paternity Actions

In Georgia, a court must establish paternity before it orders a father to pay child support. Before a court will make any ruling concerning a father’s obligations, it must determine a child’s paternity if that issue is contested. Establishing paternity is usually done through DNA testing. A paternity action is usually initiated by a mother seeking an award of child support. Protect your rights by consulting a skilled family law lawyer today.

Petitions To Legitimate

A father’s rights are established through a petition for legitimation. We will file petitions to legitimate on behalf of biological fathers who wish to legitimate their children, gain the status of a legal parent, and have standing to ask for custodial and visitation rights.

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