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An Uncontested Divorce Saves Time And Money

Divorce can be an expensive and time-consuming process. When couples agree on the major issues, filing for an uncontested divorce helps save time, cost and stress.

Based in Atlanta, the law office of Jody A. Miller helps clients throughout north Georgia create comprehensive divorce agreements that allow them to take advantage of the state’s efficient and effective uncontested divorce process.

Georgia Lawyer For Uncontested Divorce With Children

Uncontested divorce allows couples to avoid the time and costs of litigation and settle matters on their own terms.

In traditional contested divorce proceedings, a judge — who is unfamiliar with the clients, their families and their unique legal situations — makes important decisions regarding property division, child custody and visitation. In the uncontested divorce process, the power to make decisions is in the clients’ hands.

We help clients work together with their spouses to make mutually beneficial decisions regarding how property will be divided, where children will live and how support will be provided.

When parents are able to agree to child custody and visitation arrangements, the entire family benefits. Parents are able to avoid the time and cost of litigation, and children avoid the added stress caused by litigating parents.

We Help You Create Comprehensive Divorce Agreements

When couples agree on all aspects of their divorce — including property division, alimony, child custody and child support — they may benefit from filing an uncontested divorce.

At the law offices of Jody A. Miller, we help clients draft comprehensive divorce agreements that address all of the aspects involved in their divorce, including how property and debt will be divided, alimony payments, child support, and custody and visitation arrangements.

Once both parties have signed it and the agreement is submitted to the court, a court order incorporating the decisions reached in the agreement will be issued.

Decisions made during a divorce are final. As an experienced family law attorney, Jody Miller understands the long-term impacts of each choice on a family. We help our clients look at the big picture, consider the far-reaching effects of their decisions and reach agreements that will work well into the future.

Let Us Help You With An Uncontested Divorce

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