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Representing The Rights Of Fathers

In Georgia, fathers with babies born out of wedlock must file a petition for legitimation before they can have a legal relationship with their child. This is true even if the father signed the birth certificate, pays child support and/or lives with the baby’s mother.

At the law office of Jody A. Miller, we represent fathers in filing petitions to legitimate a child and asserting their parental rights. If you are a father looking to obtain and protect your legal rights, contact us to schedule an appointment with a lawyer sensitive to your interests.

We believe fathers have a right to their children. We encourage you to contact us immediately so we can file a petition to legitimate your child and secure your rights as the legal father.

Once a father establishes paternity through DNA testing or is simply willing to admit that he is the father, he is eligible to file a petition for legal rights to his child, giving him the right to child custody and visitation . Under current Georgia law, a father can file for legitimation and custodial rights in the same action. We file these petitions on behalf of fathers and help them obtain the rights necessary to generate a relationship with their child.

Putative Father Registry

A man who believes that he may be the biological father of a child can put his name and information on Georgia’s Putative Father Registry. According to Georgia’s Department of Human Resources, this registry allows biological fathers to enter information about themselves, their child and the mother so that they can be notified of adoptions and other legal proceedings. If you are a father and have not yet filed a petition of legitimation, it is imperative to enter your information on this registry as soon as possible.

We Protect Fathers’ Rights

At the law office of Jody A. Miller, we represent fathers seeking to protect their rights as the biological and legal father of their children. Contact us to learn how we can help you ensure a relationship with your child.