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Based in Atlanta, the law office of Jody A. Miller helps minors throughout north Georgia seek emancipation from their parents.

In Georgia, parents are required to care for their children until the age of 18. When minors wish to become independent before the age of 18, they must file for emancipation in juvenile court.

In Georgia, children are automatically emancipated once they are married, if they are on active duty in the military or once they turn 18. When children want to become legally independent of their parents before the age of 18, they must file for emancipation in one of Georgia’s juvenile courts.

Once declared emancipated, minors have the same rights and responsibilities as adults, including the right to contract, the right to sue or be sued, the right to enroll in school, the right to make medical decisions and the right to get married.

For more than 25 years, attorney Jody Miller has been helping clients with emancipation of minors petitions. Working together with our young clients, Ms. Miller helps responsible youths obtain the independence they need to be their own individuals.

Filing For Emancipation

The juvenile court will grant emancipation only if it believes that it is in the child’s best interests to do so. Courts evaluate a diverse range of factors when determining whether to grant an emancipation; among the most important are:

  • The youth’s demonstrated ability to manage his or her own finances and be self-supporting
  • The ability to manage his or her personal and social affairs
  • The names of adults — such as teachers, physicians or members of the clergy — who have personal knowledge of the minor’s circumstances and believe emancipation is in his or her best interests

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