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Custody Modification Due To Relocation

As life evolves, sometimes changes are required in child support, child custody and visitation orders. At the Atlanta law office of Jody A. Miller, we help parents throughout north Georgia obtain modifications to court orders to reflect the realities of changing custody and visitation situations.

Life is constantly changing. If a life change results in one parent’s move out of the city or state, custody and visitation orders will usually have to be modified.

In Georgia, custodial parents who wish to move with their children must provide notice to their child’s other parent. If the other parent consents to the move, a modified parenting plan is filed with the court. However, when the other parent does not consent, the courts will determine whether it is in the minor child’s best interest to relocate with the custodial parent or whether custody should be transferred to the nonrelocating parent.

When custodial parents decide to move with their children to take advantage of new opportunities and build better lives, custody and visitation agreements must be modified. Attorney Jody Miller helps parents draft new parenting plans that update custody and visitation schedules to reflect changes required by the move.

Relocation And Preserving Parent-Child Relationships

When a custodial parent decides to move with the children, that choice affects the entire family. Not only will the logistics of coordinating visitation be more complex and costly, but the move could result in significantly reduced parent-child contact with the noncustodial parent.

In Georgia, a noncustodial parent can petition the courts for a custody modification hearing when the custodial parent is planning to move. At the modification hearing, the court will evaluate the new situation and may change its past custody order based on what is best for minor children in the current circumstances. If the court finds it is not in the children’s best interests to move, custody may be transferred to the noncustodial parent.

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