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When is it time to hire a divorce attorney?

On Behalf of | May 6, 2020 | Divorce

When you decide to end your marriage, you may be hesitant to hire a divorce attorney. Whether you have concerns about the expense or want to avoid conflict, you should at least have a consultation with a lawyer to learn more about your rights, responsibilities and options when it comes to property division, child custody and other areas. 

These are the factors that influence how soon you should hire a divorce attorney. 

You need objective advice 

Even when you agree with your spouse on many issues surrounding the divorce, you may still feel strong emotions of sadness, anxiety, fear and resentment as your marriage ends. These feelings may prevent you from advocating for your best interests during the separation and settlement process. A family law attorney can balance your emotions, offering objective guidance and a realistic view of your next steps. 

You dread paperwork 

Filing the required legal documentation for a divorce can be arduous. Having an attorney in your corner who is familiar with the state laws and the procedures of your local court can take the stress out of this process and ensure that you file paperwork correctly and on time. 

You want to know your options 

Unless you are very familiar with the Georgia divorce laws, you may not understand the potential paths to take. Because family law attorneys have seen many similar cases, they can recommend ways to settle contentious issues that have not already occurred to you and your spouse. From filing for spousal support if you left your career to raise children to negotiating your portion of the equity in the family home, your attorney will explore all the possible ways to act on your behalf. 

Remember that working with an attorney to resolve your divorce does not necessarily mean litigation in court. Often, couples are able to negotiate a fair settlement that benefits both parties without asking a judge to decide, with the help of their attorneys and sometimes a professional mediator. 



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