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Understanding Georgia’s Putative Father Registry

When you know or suspect that you may have fathered a child in Georgia, you may want to register yourself with the state’s Putative Father Registry. The registry gives you a chance to enter your information so that you receive a notification when certain things happen to a child, or a prospective child, of yours.

Georgia’s Putative Father Registry contains the names and personal information of men who either formally acknowledged that they fathered a child or registered with the database because they believe they may have fathered a child.

When to consider registering

It may benefit you to enter your information into the registry if you know or believe you fathered a child, but do not know where that child resides. You may also want to register if the mother of your child is making it difficult for you to pursue a relationship with the son or daughter in question.

Benefits of registration

Why else might you want to enter your name and personal information into the state’s Putative Fathers Registry? Doing so ensures that you receive word about any upcoming court cases or legal proceedings involving the child. It also helps ensure that you receive word if your child has involvement in an adoption case. If any court cases arise that could potentially sever your parental rights, registering with the database helps ensure that you hear about them.

Depending on circumstances, your name may already appear on the registry. If it does not and you want it to, you may ask the State Office of Vital Records to include it.



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