A Successful History Of
Handling Family Law Issues


Amanda H.

Attorney Miller is the best! I worked with Attorney Miller on a Custody Modification case and she got the job done. Jody kept me ahead of the game and updated me on my case immediately. I can’t thank her enough for what she has done for my family. I recommend Attorney Miller without a doubt. Attorney Miller is very knowledgeable, respected, and dependable! I simply can’t recommend her enough!
– Amanda was Jody’s client

Jennifer Kazemian

Senior Litigation Paralegal
If you are in need of an attorney for child custody issues…..look no more. Jody is THE BEST!!!!
– Jennifer was Jody’s client

Karla Adams

Senior Sourcer/Technical Recruiter
If you’re looking for honesty and ethical work behavior then hire JODY. She has expert knowledge in family law and will provide you with all the answers to your questions. She is very professional! I am a client and will continue to make referrals along the way.
– Karla was Jody’s client

Allen Belletti

AVP Ed. Tech Engineering Innovation
Jody did a wonderful job of sorting out the mess that I’d gotten into with my divorce. My only regret is that I didn’t find her early enough to avoid the mess in the first place. If you find yourself in this sort of situation, I cannot recommend Jody highly enough!
– Allen was Jody’s client

Kelly Quattlebaum

Social Media Trainer, Public Speaker, Marketing, PR & Global Bus Dev LatAm – info [at] globalmarcoms [dot] com LION
I have had the opportunity to network with Jody Miller for several months. Her personality, positive attitude and sense of humor have always captivated me. She is an honest, trustworthy and fair individual. She has always impressed me with her knowledge and love of technology. Jody is a great person and I am happy to know her.
– Kelly was a consultant or contractor to Jody at law office of Jody A. Miller

David Carter

Civil and Commercial Litigator
I referred a client whose former divorce attorney had completely “dropped the ball” on the client’s matter. Jody met with the client, developed a strategy to accomplish the client’s goals, and then executed on that strategy. As a result, the client’s proceeding (which had been ongoing for a year before this referral) was completed in one (1) month. Jody got the job done as promised, on schedule, and under budget. I have referred several other cases to Jody, and will continue to make referrals to her of any of my clients who need family law services because Jody gets the job done.

Rob Stein, Esq.

Senior Litigation & Claims Specialist in Risk Management/Georgia Power
Exceptional—Professional —Major Integrity — Jody will always hold a special place in my heart —