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4 FAQ about the Georgia Putative Father’s Registry

For those who suspect they may be biological fathers of children born out of wedlock, they may have many questions about what they can do.

The Georgia Putative Father’s Registry offers a way to address these questions and concerns about potential paternity.

1. What is the Georgia Putative Father’s Registry?

The Georgia Putative Father’s Registry is a statewide database where individuals who believe they may be the biological fathers of children can voluntarily register their information. By doing so, they express their intent to receive notification regarding any legal proceedings involving the child, such as adoption or termination of parental rights.

2. When should I register?

While you can register at any time, it is best to register as soon as possible after the child’s birth. Early registration ensures that you get informed about any legal actions involving the child promptly. A failure to register may limit your ability to assert your rights later.

3. Is there a fee to register?

There is a fee associated with registering, but the fee is typically modest and is subject to change. To find the current fee and make your payment, you should contact the Georgia Department of Human Services, which administers the registry.

4. How long does the registration last?

Your registration with the Putative Father’s Registry remains valid until the child turns 18 years old. If your contact information changes, you should update it with the registry to ensure that you are accessible if needed in the future.

In 2020, about 7.6 million children lived with their mothers only, many of whom had no relationship with their fathers. By voluntarily registering, you not only protect your legal rights and interests but also open the door to nurturing a meaningful relationship with the child.



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