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Do you anticipate your divorce being full of conflict?

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2020 | Divorce

As much as you may want to have an amicable divorce, you likely know that it is not in the cards for you. In fact, your spouse’s belligerent attitude may be one of the reasons you feel it is best to end the relationship. Unfortunately, you worry that his or her attitude and other factors will contribute to a contentious divorce.

Some divorces can certainly involve considerable conflict, and more cases may be heading that direction. Various issues can contribute to whether a case will have many disputes and battles, and though each case is different, some common threads are starting to appear.

What can contribute to contentious cases?

These days, people commonly post whatever they want on social media without many repercussions. You may wonder what this has to do with a contentious divorce, but if your spouse often posts offensive or conflict-inducing comments online, it is likely that he or she is only met with offensive responses and no real consequences for his or her actions. This lack of consequences often means that individuals do not see a reason to change their behavior.

For you and your divorce, this could mean that your spouse’s bad behavior spills over into real life. Not being held accountable for bad behavior online may make your spouse not feel accountable for bad behavior in the courtroom. As a result, yelling, saying negative comments in front of the children, spreading lies, making insults and other unseemly actions could happen in your case.

Lack of communication

If your spouse does have a tendency to carry out such negative behaviors, it is likely that the two of you do not have a strong sense of communication. As a result, you may not feel able to negotiate or come to any type of compromise during your divorce. This could also mean that you could end up back in court to sort out other problems that may arise with your custody arrangements or other related matters in the future.

If you know that you will likely have a contentious divorce, you may have a better chance of preparing for it. Discussing your concerns with an experienced Georgia attorney may allow you to understand your legal options and how you can best handle disputes that arise during your marriage dissolution proceedings.



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