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The benefits of talking about divorce issues in mediation

Georgia courts often require or recommend mediation. However, you may worry that going through mediation instead of litigation could compromise your settlement. According to Georgia’s alternative dispute resolution rules, though, you lose none of your rights to a litigated divorce by going through mediation.

Here are some other potential benefits of divorce mediation for people with children, significant assets or even just a desire to avoid conflict.

Neutral professional assistance

You and your spouse are not hammering out your issues alone. A mediator is a neutral third party with training in divorce law and dispute resolution tactics. From the mediator, you can learn ways to discuss things without arguments as well as what is reasonable to expect from a divorce settlement. This can help now as you come to a divorce agreement as well as in the future as you discuss matters related to your children.

Often, people who go through mediation say that the process has reduced conflict in their relationship, which has the side effect of helping reduce the stress for children.


Any matter that goes to court becomes part of the public record, which means that anyone can view it. Mediation is private, and all the matters you discuss can stay between you, your spouse, the mediator and any other parties who you choose to involve.


While mediation is not free, it can be significantly less expensive than a litigated divorce. It can also save you time, as you do not have to wait for your turn on the court docket. Mediation is likely to result in a quick, amicable, cost-effective divorce.



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