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3 things to consider before calling a divorce attorney

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2022 | Divorce

Many couples experience emotional and financial turmoil during their marriage. Unfortunately, these and other factors can contribute to the decision to divorce. While this is a perfectly reasonable conclusion based on the unique characteristics of the marriage, there are often numerous considerations to explore before making the final decision.

Even though every divorce will follow a unique process based on the individuals involved and the history of the marriage, there are certain questions that people must consider, including:

  • Can you survive without your spouse’s income? The financial impact of a divorce often carries significant, unexpected changes. Not only does the couple go from combined spending power to independent finances, but cash reserves and disposable income will be greatly diminished. When considering a divorce, it is wise to carefully investigate a potential budget to ensure your finances can survive the new reality.
  • Do you plan to keep the house? Much like the previous example, it is wise to think about the distribution of various assets. Is it your goal to keep the home? Will you have to sacrifice other assets during property division to retain ownership? Will you have to buy out the other spouse’s interest in the property? These factors could impact the course of your divorce.
  • How will this affect the children? Remaining married simply for the sake of the children is likely a poor decision especially when the relationship is mired in infidelity, addiction, criminal activity or abuse. Having said that, however, it is wise to consider the children in your post-divorce reality. How would a custody arrangement look? Is either parent likely to relocate? Are the children old enough to understand what is happening?

While none of these factors might ultimately prevent you from going through with the divorce, they are all important questions to ask yourself. It could also be wise to discuss your options with an experienced family law attorney who can provide insight and objective answers to your questions.



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